About Mass Magick

I grew out of magick when I was thirteen. One morning I woke to find that brewing potions and shuffling tarot in my best friend’s room was an embarrassing secret that we would silently agree to keep. Like many children of the late eighties, I gravitated toward atheist conclusions and practical distillations of modern psychology. Years later, in Cambridge, I danced with a crowd ranging from yogis to hallucinogen enthusiasts. But after leaving college, I shed any kind of psycho-spiritual growth for the panic of entering the job market in 2011. I let uncertainty, political anger, poverty and short-sightedness dictate my actions. Practicality and reason could explain my problems, but they still left me unwell.

I am bringing magick back into my life.

Join me as I ease into a more spiritually fulfilled version of myself. There are already plenty of how-to blogs and books regarding how to become a wiccan or pagan, how to use divination, how to meditate on the divine feminine, and countless more methods, so I am not rushing to assemble a digital grimoire. I am in no way qualified to instruct anyone on their spiritual path. But I am determined to make a small amount of space for my spirit every day, and devote myself to growing that space each day. So if you also need a little more magick in your life, join me on the path.

Merry meet, and merry part, until we merry meet again.



Daily Tarot Pull, Part One: Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune image via Biddy Tarot

Context: My job has been an incredible stressor in the past few weeks. My depression symptoms had their seasonal creep-in, followed by recent spikes of anxiety in response to said stress. Lately it seems that for all of my efforts toward self-care, I have trouble truly releasing my stress. That being said, I have many blessings to acknowledge and have been more intentional in my thinking. 

After yesterday’s pull, the Five of Cups, reversed, I had a complicated dream. Frankly, I don’t dream much (or rather, I don’t remember dreams) but I do talk in my sleep quite often and wake frequently. When I do have a dream, they are usually frightening nightmares and I wake up in sweat. Last night’s dream was not pleasant per se, but it was not a nightmare and had several positive elements. If anyone wants the particulars I would be happy to go into detail, but long story short in the dream I  sheltered a coworker, interacted with a negatively-attached ex of mine to exchange a pet of his I was caring for (that does not exist in our past), had a very honest discussion about his ability to provide for this pet and we agreed it would be happier with me and my  current partner and we parted amicably, and then went on an adventure with my current partner and defended him in a confrontation before fleeing with him to safety. I think the ‘pet’ is a pretty heavy handed metaphor for my heart and trust and well being.

This morning, after contemplating the dream, I asked the goddess how to proceed. While my practice of revisiting the past and allowing myself to learn with gratitude can not close simply because I had an illuminating dream, I asked her for guidance in overcoming the stress and apathy of my routine lately.  It was then that I pulled today’s pull, the Wheel of Fortune.

I pondered the card for the walk to my car. I concluded that the external stressors I perceive were actually illusions. These sensations were affecting me, sure, but they were also distracting me from the stability of my scaffolding. Years ago, I would not be able to endure these stressors as effectively as I can today, largely due to my acquisition of luxury. While I had been housed when I was with the ex from my dream, I was not well fed, I did not sleep, I was under-employed, I was away from my family and friends and lacked the necessary supports to overcome. Today I not only have shelter, food, and income but I thus have time to pursue desires instead of needs. While I might feel that I am at a low point, I must appreciate that if this is my low point, then I must have good fortune coming my way as I round the wheel and find my upswing.

Daily Tarot Pull: Five of Cups, Reversed


Today’s Tarot Pull: Five of Cups, Reversed

I recently followed the tarot down a path that encouraged that I explore creative ways for me to connect with my spirituality. That is why I have begun to blog and pursue an online community of similar spirit. 

I like to pull a card in the morning, as I have a long walk to my car and it allows me some time to take a walk and contemplate. It helps me clear my mind before work and before I allow myself to feel stressed. 

Today’s tarot pull was the Five of Cups, reversed. Being new to the tarot, the regretful nature of the Five of Cups initially struck me as illuminating a negativity in my life, until I consulted biddy tarot which allowed me a more full perspective:

I am blossoming into a more magical version of myself, I am awakening, and I am taking a more thoughtful and appreciative approach to navigating my life and managing my well being. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, I am allowing myself a more self aware and loving approach to symptom management and positive thinking. To shed my defensiveness, to quiet my mind, to liberate my shoulders from the weight of expectation is to truly allow myself a better path.

That being said, now is the time to open my mind to reflecting on some of the more painful parts of my past and gleaning lessons from those trials. I often shy away from these thoughts as they provoke in me defensiveness and hardness: panic, rage, guilt, and sleepless nights. As someone who has worked hard to arrive in a place where I have a full time profession, a relationship, and friendships, I rarely allow myself to reflect on the parts of my life that, frankly, are due the most reflection. I am allowing myself room to not only grow but thrive.

I am picking up my remaining two cups and walking on toward my community of witches.

I am encouraged.

Blessed be!